Upon completion of the works of the “2nd Interactive Symposium in Systemic Psychotherapy” on “SEARCHING FOR THE UNPREDICTABLE IN PSYCHOTHERAPY”, the Ergastirion of Systemic Thinking & Training would like to thank wholeheartedly all those who contributed to making this particular scientific meeting real.

Especially we are thanking the invited speakers of the symposium:
Calovska – Hercog Nevena
• Gajdadzis-Knezevic Slavica
• Pluymaekers Jacques
• Moureli Frosso
• Sakkas Dionysios
• Trachanas Stefanos
• Triantafyllou Fani

who honored us with their presence and gave their particular scientific position with suggestions and contributions.

Similarly we would like to thank colleagues who participated with their scientific presentations at the symposium and contributed to the scientific debate:

Katsivarda Cecilia,  Lykovounioti Marina, Mouzas John, Ntigrintaki Maria, Panagiotaki Maria, Pourkos Marios & Prokopiou Achilles.

Special mention we should make for the members of the organizing committee, who contributed most for a complete organization of the event: Kiosteraki Maria, Minadakis John, Moschidou Maria, Kypriotaki Athena, Romanaki Nike.

Finally we would like to thank all the participants who honored us with their presence and contributed catalytically with their participation, comments and contributions to the emergence of a rich scientific material for everyone.

We thank you all and we hope you join us in our following scientific events!

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