The workshop “Sexual Dysfunction as a reflection of an Evolutionary Crisis” is part of a series of scientific events on “Couple and Sexuality”, organized by the Ergastirion of Systemic Thinking and Training.

Τhe life cycle of the couple follows a lengthy process in which the relationship of the couple is constantly redefined: marital dependence gradually decreases , while marital alliance is increasing with main ingredients autonomy, freedom, trust and responsibility.

Within this context, the sexual language of the couple follows a similar path. The occurrence of sexual dysfunction usually reflects a breakdown in this life cycle. 

In this workshop  we will try to uncover this hidden role of masking and disorientation that the appearance of a sexual dysfunction has.

Part of the workshop will be a theoretical presentation regarding the model of sexual dysfunction,  presentation of a case study and experiential exercise in the group.

The workshop is aimed at mental health specialists and the general public.

 Venue: Ergastirion of Systemic Thinking and Training, Rathamanthios 11, Heraklion.

Date: Sunday, 22 of February 2015, time 10:00-18:00.

Speakers: Panagiotis Chrysos (Psychiatrist), Efstratia Karagianni (Psychologist, MSc of Clinical Psychology).

Fee: 40 Euro for professionals, 20 Euro for students.