The purpose of the Ergastirion of Systemic Thinking and Training is the promotion of systemic thinking and practice as a means of understanding and perception of the complex world surrounding us.

Systemic Psychotherapy is an application of Systems Theory, a modern model of conceptualizing reality and approaching of complex phenomena, which takes an holistic and relational view of the world with an emphasis on context, relationships and circular causality.

Within this context the Ergastirion implements the following programs:

  • Four Years Training Program in Systemic Psychotherapy for Mental Health Professionals, recognized by the European Family Therapy Association – Training Institute Chamber.
  • Supervision of Mental Health Professionals (individual or in group).
  • Specialized Awareness Seminars in Systemic Thinking and Practice for other specialized professionals (teachers, nurses, intermediaries, executives, etc) that the nature of their work is related to the management of human relations and conflict resolution.
  • Brief Seminars on Special Issues.
  • Systemic Counseling and Psychotherapy (individual, family and in groups).
  • Organization of Scientific Conferences, Symposiums and Meetings.